10 Freelancing Gig Ideas That Don’t Require Any Skills

Nowadays, people are choosing freelancing as their profession. There are certain factors behind it. Work schedule flexibility is the main reason to choose freelancing as a career. People can work according to their ease. They can maintain a balance between their work and family. More than that, freelancers can choose which project they want to work on. So there are multiple reasons to work as a freelancer. Apart from it, it also provides a great opportunity to earn a healthy amount to take care of yourself and your family as well. So do you want to start it and you don’t know which skills you should offer to start? Here we are presenting 10 Gig Ideas That Don’t Require Any Skills.


1. Background Removal

              It is the easiest service you can offer on freelancing platforms. That’s why there is good competition in this gig. However, you can stand out in this gig by offering the same service at less price comparative to others. You may be thinking that I don’t know how to remove the background so how can I provide this service. Here our duty comes to provide you with a tool that is best for removing the background of different pictures without paying anything. You can also change the background of the images with the help of this tool.

Here is the link to the tool remove.bg.

background removal freelancing gig

2. SEO Reports as Freelancing Gig

              You might be thinking that what is SEO and how can provide SEO reports without having any knowledge about it. Don’t worry it seems difficult but actually, it’s not. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. You can simply offer this by using this amazing tool.

seo analyzer freelancing gig

You will have to put here the link of the website who’s the SEO report you want to get. Boom! Done! You will get a very detailed SEO report. Share it with your client so he can fix the issues with his site. If you want to try some other tools, the following tools would definitely help.

Great! Let’s move further to a new idea.


3. Data Entry

              To make your first freelancing gig you can also offer data entry services. For this, you need to have a moderate typing speed. Even if you don’t have a good speed you will definitely build it while working. Practice makes a man perfect. In this gig, let say clients will provide you data in terms of pdf or something. You will have to insert that data in some web forms or anything similar.

You will see a lot of services in this gig but they also offer web scrapping and research, data cleaning, etc. When you will get into it. You will also learn other skills easily. Go to Fiverr and search data entry in the search box, you will find a lot of people offering the services in the same field at a good price.


4. YouTube Thumbnail

              Designing YouTube thumbnails is also a good option to start freelancing. Actually, you don’t need to be an expert in photoshop or any other complex designing software. So how you will do that? the answer is the same “another tool”. Canva is a great tool to help you in this work. Go to Canva, create a design, select YouTube Thumbnail and design it according to your creativity.

canva services freelancing gig

Have a look at it and let us know if it helped you.


5. Create Ads (Social Media, Display, Video, Industry Ads)

Here is an example of an HTML5 ad.


You can offer these ads as your freelancing gig. But how you will create these ads? Here is another tool to help you. https://www.creatopy.com/. This tool is very helpful. Not only for HTML5 ads, but you can also use its other services for other gigs. like Video ads, animated ads, etc. But you may face some difficulty in this tool because a lot of templates are paid here. However, you can use your creativity to get the best outcome.


6. Social Media Posts Designs

              Nowadays, the existence of social media is very important for all kinds of companies. Every company requires good social media posts to boost up their sales and services.
You can offer the best social media posts using Canva like Instagram Posts, Facebook Covers, and many more. Canva has a great number of templates available for you. You can also develop your own designs from scratch by just dragging and dropping. Your creativity can play
a vital role in your quality of work.

Using this website, you can also offer other services like designing Posters, Flyers, Cards, Proposals, Newsletters, and resumes, etc.


7. T-Shirt Designs as Freelancing Gig

              You may be thinking that you are not able to design T-Shirts. Believe me, you are. People tend to buy custom clothes which are relevant to them. Like a funny guy loves to print a meme on his shirt. A Web Developer will love to print a code line to show his passion or love for coding. You can use https://placeit.net/ to design amazing stuff.

placeit techy informatics

This website also provides you the templates for designing social media posts, flyers, cards, creating ads and videos. So if you don’t find your required template in the above-mentioned tools, you will definitely find something relevant from here.


8. Intro, Outro Videos

              “I will create a professional intro, outro video for you” – How is the title for your gig? You can offer this service with unlimited revisions and with a delivery time of fewer than 24 hours. We have found a great tool for you to make intro or outro videos for YouTube or anything else.

https://videobolt.net/ provides quality templates for branding your intro videos. You can upload your logo or custom texts to better demonstrate your company. If you still looking for something else try Panzoid Studio (https://panzoid.com/). It is also a great tool for intro outro videos. Open these tools and create some sample videos, use them in your Fiverr gig so buyers can see what you are offering.


9. Audio Translation as Freelancing Gig

              This is a bit tricky but if you know languages more than one. You can offer translation services from one language to others. Let say you are good at french and german. Provide the services of translating the audios from french to german or vice versa. You can also provide teaching services on Fiverr or Upwork for the languages you know the best.


10. Fiverr Lifestyle

              If everything above did not work with you. Don’t worry! We still have something for you which will definitely suit your needs. Open Fiverr, Go to the categories, then to the LIFESTYLE section. You will definitely find something which fits your category.

fiverr techy informatics
For example, wishing a birthday in some funny way or saying any message at a specific place. Let say, you offer this service “I’ll speak any message with my buffalos in 5$”. I am sure, here you will definitely find something which you can offer to start.


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