10 Tips to Get Orders on Fiverr

Welcome to our new blog. Are you worried about how to get more orders on Fiverr? Follow our step-by-step blog on 10 tips to get orders on Fiverr. As a beginner, you will find it difficult to get orders but don’t lose hope and stay connected with us. We will share with you our own experiences, which actually worked pretty well.

Or if you are a level 1 seller and don’t get more orders, then you also need to try some more tips to get the order. Then you are in right place. Read the article till the end.

I’m gonna share my journey as a freelancer on Fiverr, so it will help you guys and keep you motivated.
Well, In the beginning, I don’t even know where to start and how to start my freelancing career but now, today I am a level 2 seller and I have completed my 100 orders on Fiverr. I’ve earned a handsome amount too. πŸ˜‰ Isn’t it excited? πŸ˜€
Here is the proof

Sometimes you lose hope when you never get orders and you tried a lot but don’t ever give up and keep going. The important thing is to focus on your goal and find ways to get orders like following some tutorials, some tips, tricks, etc.
I’m gonna share my tips and tricks to get more orders that help me and will help you too because these are tried and tested by our own πŸ™‚

Let’s get started.

Here are some tips that might be helpful for you:


Complete your profile info:

After signup, you have to complete your profile first. There are some tips below to make your profile better.

  • Add your best skills of yours
  • Add education, certifications, etc
  • Profile description(Related to your own skills like web development, graphic design, logo design, video editing, etc)
  • Use profile picture best of yours


Create and optimize your Gigs:
  • You have to create at least 5 gigs minimum.
  • Turn on packages for every gig.
  • Cost-effective start from $5
  • Set minimum time like 1 day
  • Use 3 images(don’t use the Fiverr logo)
  • Add video to your gig
  • Add FAQ to your gig
  • Use pdf file for portfolio
  • Make use of the right category & sub-category related to your skill
  • Use more relevant keywords in your gig title, tags, and description (go to the most popular gigs and copy the first 3 keywords)
  • Add numbers, and bullets in your gig description & summaries it.
  • In the requirement section, write what you need to start your order from buyers.
  • Do not use/copy images and descriptions from other’s gigs.


Send Buyer Request daily:

You are allowed to send 10 buyer requests every day. Must read the Buyer Request carefully and write a meaningful reply to convince them so they will pick you. You can send them your previous work with some URLs.
There is no specific time to sell buyer requests.


Share your gigs on Social Media:

When you finish creating and optimizing your gigs, then the next step is to share your gigs on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. You can also share your gig on the Quora platform. You just need to find the questions related to your gig and answer them with your gig link.


Deliver on time:

When you get an order, you will have to deliver on time and don’t be late. If you deliver an order late, then it will affect your order delivery rate. Start your work after getting the order, not after getting a message from the buyer. Your order completion time and On time delivery rate should be 100%.


Response on Time:

You should have to install the Fiverr app from the google play store, so you can reply to buyers instantly. The app is free of cost. Your response rate should be 1 Hour. You can check your response time and response rate from the dashboard or from App.


Do not use 2 accounts on the same device:

Try to use one account on one device. If you create more than 1 account on one device then Fiverr will block you and your profile will be deactivated and removed from Fiverr. So It’s better to use only one account on your device.


Do not cancel the order:

Try to convince the buyer and do not cancel the order, because It will harm your profile. If you have to cancel the order then do it with mutual understanding with the buyer.


Do not ask the buyer to give you a 5-star review:

If you do ask the buyer to give you a 5-star review then Fiverr will send you a warning or deactivate your profile sometimes. It is against the Fiverr rules. You can use some other sentence like “Don’t forget to give the feedback” like this but do not ask them directly to leave a 5-star review.


Do not share personal info:

Do not share your personal information with buyers like your Email Address, Phone number, etc. If you send your personal info to buyers, Fiverr will send you a warning.

Some more tips:
  • Do not use abusive language with buyers.
  • Be loyal to your buyers.
  • Create gigs in different niches.
  • Don’t share your personal info.
  • Stay online as you can.
  • Give buyers something free.
  • Be humble.


You have to follow all the above tips to make your profile better. Do work hard, upskill yourself, and then hopefully you will get orders. Don’t panic or lose hope if you didn’t get any order after trying everything, just be patient because the Fiverr algorithm will rank you after some time.
We hope you like our blog on 10 Secret tips to get orders on Fiverr.

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Best of luck guys. If you have any questions, do ask and comment below. We would love to help and guide you.

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