10 Whatsapp Hidden Features and Tricks Best to Know

Whatsapp is a widely used messenger app all around the world. However, stats show that US residents are not using Whatsapp as much as the rest of the world. Here we are presenting 10 amazing Whatsapp features and tricks which you may have not explored yet. After reading this article, you will definitely be using Whatsapp with more control and ease. We have also covered some security features that would make you feel more comfortable in terms of Privacy.


1. Listen to Whatsapp Voice Notes at 1.5x OR 2x

Many of the users prefer to talk through voice messages instead of texts. Obviously, in some situations, speaking is a much easier approach than writing long paragraphs. After the recent update in Whatsapp, you are able to listen to voice notes with a fast speed of 1.5x or 2x.

To enable this feature, you don’t need to do anything but just update the WhatsApp version by going to Playstore or IOS App store.

After the update, when you will play a voice note, it would show the existing speed of the voice note to the side of it (in the place of the profile picture) like 1x, 1.5x, or 2x. You can switch between the speeds by clicking on the existing speed text. 1x will turn into 1.5x and 1.5x into 2x when clicked.

2. How to find downloaded Whatsapp Status videos in mobile storage

Where does the mobile save the WhatsApp statuses? Sometimes, you want to copy someone’s status video or download that video in your gallery but for this, you ask the author to send that video in your chat. After learning this trick, you don’t need to ask the author. You can simply find that in your mobile storage and move that to the gallery for future use. For me, this is an amazing trick to store funny videos and watch them later for a burst of laughter.

To get downloaded video status in your gallery

  • Go to “My Files” Or “Media Files” of your mobile where all the storage file exists, you may have a different folder name.
  • Click 3 vertical dots (kebab menu) in the top right, go to settings and then enable the “show hidden system files” option. Go back to “My Files”.
  • Go to Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > Whatsapp > Media > .Statuses
  • In this folder, you will see all downloaded WhatsApp statuses. You can right-click and select the copy or move option to save this video in your mobile gallery.


3. Different Notifications for different chats

We usually put our mobile phone in our pocket and whenever we receive a message we have to take it out and unlock it and then see whether the message is from an important person or not. By using this feature we can set different types of notifications for different chats. So you can set 1 type of notification for business-related numbers, second type for family, third for friends any same for others so you can easily differentiate from where you got the message. You can also do it for a single special person chat or for WhatsApp groups.
To enable different notifications for different chats,

  • Open the specific chat for whom you want to enable this feature
  • click the kebab menu (3 dots in top right corner) > View Contact > Custom Notifications
    enable the “Use custom notifications” checkbox.
  • Now you can set custom notification tones for text messages and call for this chat by going to “Notification Tones”. You can also set the vibration time (short, long) by going to “Vibrate”.

4. Different Wallpaper for different chats

To set a wallpaper for a specific chat,

  • Open that person’s chat. click the kebab menu (3 dots in the top right corner) > Wallpaper > Change
  • Now you can select your desired wallpaper from the 4 folders (Light, Dark, Solid Colors, and My Photos). From my photos, you can select any photo from your phone storage to use as chat wallpaper.

If you want to use one wallpaper for all the chats, you can do the same settings without opening a specific chat.
click the kebab menu (3 dots in the top right corner) > Settings > Chats > Wallpaper – Do the changes as mentioned above.

5. Refresh contacts to find or render newly added contact

Sometimes, when we add a contact to our mobile phone storage and just after that we go to our WhatsApp, we are unable to find that contact address in WhatsApp to send a message. It does not render or integrate that newly added contact number with our WhatsApp contact book.

So if you want to render a newly added contact number to your WhatsApp contacts

Go to Whatsapp > click the new message icon in the right bottom > click the kebab menu (3 dots in the top right corner) > Refresh.

It would refresh your contact list and see whether you have added any new phone numbers to your contacts. Now you can search your newly added contact number to send him a message. If you are seeing an INVITE button with your added phone number, it means the person does not have an account on WhatsApp.


6. Whatsapp Beta – Link 4 additional devices to your Whatsapp without being online on the phone

Linking WhatsApp with the web or desktop is very easy. You simply go to WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in the top right corner) > Click Linked devices > Click LINK A DEVICE button
Then scan the code on web.whatsapp.com on PC.

But now by using the beta version, you can link your WhatsApp with 4 devices. Those devices will be able to use WhatsApp even you are offline on your phone. To enable WhatsApp beta,

go to WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in the top right corner) > Click Linked devices > click Multi-device beta > JOIN BETA.

While using Whatsapp beta, you may face some issues like being unable to send messages to the people having very old versions of WhatsApp OR maybe some performance-related issues as well.


7. How to style the text in your WhatsApp? Change Font Appearance

To make your text bold, add asterisks on the sides of the text like *Hello*.
For having Italic text, add underscores on the sides of the text. For example: _Hello_.
We can make the text strikethrough by adding tildes on the sides of the text. For example ~Hello~.
To make the text monospace, add 3 backticks on the sides of the text. For example, _Hello_.


8. Scan a QR Code to add a new contact

Go to WhatsApp > click the new message icon in the right bottom > you will see a QR code icon next to “New Contact”, click it. Now you SCAN CODE or see your own QR Code by going to MY CODE. In MY CODE, you can also see a share icon so you can share it on some other media platforms to be added in WhatsApp by others.


9. Mute Annoying Person’s Whatsapp Status

We may have someone in our contact list whose statuses are very annoying or we don’t want to see them on top. So we can mute a person’s WhatsApp status updates by taping on his status for a bit long time then by selecting MUTE.

You will have a new dropdown below all the WhatsApp statuses with the heading Muted Statuses. Muted status updates can be seen by opening this dropdown. To unmute a person’s status, tap for a bit long and select unmute.


10. Add a person’s chat shortcut to the mobile’s home screen

If there is a person with whom you talk a lot and you don’t want to open the WhatsApp and then go to his chat. You can simply add his chat shortcut to your home screen like any other app, after clicking the shortcut you will be redirected directly to his chatbox.

To add someone’s chat shortcut to your home screen
Go to WhatsApp > Tap on a specific chat for a bit longer until the chat is selected > Click the kebab menu on the top right > Add chat shortcut > Add.


We hope you like our article on 10 whatsapp hidden features and tricks which are best to know for you. We always try to write about something which is interesting for our techy people. I hope, you liked this blog.

If you have any questions or there is any other topic on which you want to suggest to us, please put that in the comments. We appreciate and would love to interact with you. However, you can also read about HOW TO ENABLE DARK MODE IN WHATSAPP. Is it not an interesting topic to read? Read about HOW TO START FREELANCING WITH EASY STEPS.

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