5 Amazing Techs of this Year – Futuristic AI Innovations

Artificial Intelligence is a great game for enterprises. They are focusing a lot on machine learning and deep learning. Artificial intelligence is a way to make machines intelligent so they can learn from the environment based on the input provided by humans. Humans are trying their best to enable machines to do the work which humans are doing. Even these amazing futuristic techs are programmed to do better than human beings.

This year a lot of companies did experiments on different exciting technologies which resulted in very effective results. We have presented here 6 amazing techs of this year which grabbed the intentions of all. Some of these techs seem very futuristic like smart perfume which can process the fragrance in run time using AI. A stress-reducing headband is also a good approach to play with electric signals of a brain of a person to change his emotions – more specifically, reducing the stress. So let’s go through these technologies one by one.


Chewing gum? Does it count in tech? Yes! It is a gaming chewing gum that will provide you the energy while you are playing the games for a long time. How does it happen? Actually, it has the ingredients which provide you the caffeine, lutein, and Xylitol to keep you focused. You will feel more energized and slumber will stay away from you.

Let’s say you are playing a game at a midnight, you will not feel sleepy while chewing this gaming gum. I hope, it’s going to help professional gamers to keep them focused for a longer time.

2- NINU Smart Perfume

A person doesn’t want to look the same on different occasions or on different places. You also change yourself according to your mood. So using the same perfume for different moods and occasions, does not seem boring? NINU has introduced the world’s first smart perfume which changes its fragrance according to your personality. You can make a fragrance that is unique to your body chemistry. How does it work? It has 3 bases of different fragrances in one bottle, you can connect this perfume with a mobile app. You can customize the amount of 3 bases or you can use the pre-developed templates to make a fragrance that is completely unique for you. It’s really an amazing use of Artificial Intelligence.

Here you can read about it in depth.

3- SmartThings Cooking – Amazing Techs by Samsung

This list of amazing techs would not be complete if we don’t add SmartThings cooking. Samsung is always experimenting with flourishing technologies to create something innovative. They have created a meal planner app for you. It’s a part of IoT (Internet of things) where every smart device will be connected with each other to provide a better living experience. So, how this meal planner is special? Let’s elaborate on it. You will just have to add your favorite dishes or define your personal recipe choices.
It will create 7 days meal plan for you so you never compromise on your health. A list of the ingredients would be auto-ready for you for the recipes of all 7 days. The retailer’s app would also be notified about this list of required ingredients, so you simply need to checkout with your card. It is saving a lot of time which we use in the daily planning of food, making the list, going for grocery. In the end, It shows your performance report to meet your health goals.

4- Stress-Reducing Head Band – Amazing Techs by Cove

Nowadays, we have a lot of stress due to heavy workloads or difficulties in life. How exciting it is to reduce this stress using AI or any other technology? We are using technology everywhere so why not use it for intangible emotions. You may know, that our brains work by using small electric signals. Whenever we do or think something, our brain nerves pass electric signals to process that information. There are a few companies that are trying to play with these electric signals to reduce the unwanted emotions from our brains. In the same way, Cove has made a stress-reducing headband. You can wear it while watching TV or doing for a walk.
It generates minor vibrations near your years which passes electric signals to your brain to reduce the stress. Although it looks dangerous but still, it is a start. We have a long way to go which may enable us to create different emotions (like laughing, excitement, etc) according to our needs.

5- Flying Car by GA Motors

For traveling, technology has already made us travel through cars, trains, planes, ships, and many more. So how we can add more comfort? Definitely by producing flying cars with the cost affordable for people. We have been watching and listening about this exciting innovation in movies and tech blogs for so long. But now this time, it’s really going to happen. GA motors have launched VTOL aircraft at CES. It is estimated that it would be ready in 2023.
It would be able to travel at the speed of 90km per hour but it can take only 1 passenger for the moment. But surely, when something exciting happens in this world, different companies add their value to that technology which evolves that product rapidly.

BONUS Tech – Surface Accessories to help disables

It is a bonus point for this amazing techs list. I know that it is not a new thing to add some helping materials for the disabled so they can easily locate the positions of the gadget keys, but Microsoft has made it easier to find the best fit for you. You don’t need to test any third-party accessories, now Microsoft has provided its surface adaptive kit. You can use this kit in multiple ways.
Bump labels: These labels are available in 4 different shapes and colors. You can place it near or on any button or port to identify a specific feature. For example, you can use the place dash (-) label near volume control.

Apart from it, there are also port labels, keycap labels, and openers which can be used in different ways to help the disabled.

We always try to write about something which is interesting for our techy people. I hope, you liked this blog. If you have any questions or there is any other topic on which you want us to write, please put that in the comments. We appreciate and would love to interact with you. However, you can also read about HOW TO ENABLE DARK MODE IN WHATSAPP. Is it not interesting? Read about 10 FIVERR GIG IDEAS WHICH DO NOT REQUIRE ANY SKILLS.

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