How to Display Elementor Template Using a Shortcode

Are you struggling to Display Elementor Template Using a Shortcode?

Here we have a brand new tutorial on How to Display Elementor Template Using a Shortcode on your WordPress Site.  Elementor Template Library is a very useful tool for all beginners level users and developers which pretty useful because it allows you to export or import templates in elementor easily and quickly.

Here the question is: Can I add any template with just a shortcode using Elementor Library? Yeah sure! why not ūüôā ¬†It’s another stunning thing about Elementor.¬†

Elementor Library Feature lets you insert your pre-made templates inside any of your pages through a shortcode. Isn’t it exciting? In this article, we are going to discuss How to Display Elementor Template Using a Shortcode.


Why Elementor Template Shortcode is useful?

Elementor Template Shortcode can b useful

  • when you have to save your time,
  • Add your pre-made template,
  • and when you are afraid that your layout will break.
  • when you have compatibility issues with the theme
  • and many more

For all these reasons, you can use the Elementor Template Shortcode feature on your posts and pages.

Elementor Template Shortcodes can also be very useful in some scenarios When your WordPress website not fully created with an elementor page builder, then it would be pretty convenient to use elementor template shortcodes.

Insert Elementor Template by Using a Shortcode

Elementor PRO gives you the facility to retrieve shortcodes for all the pre-design and customized layouts you have created within your WordPress Website.

First of All, log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Templates > Saved Templates.

Elementor Template has Shortcode separately, which you can use wherever you want. You can copy the Shortcode for the specific template which you desired to use on other pages or sections according to your requirements and needs.

After copying the shortcode, paste it into your desired page where you want to add your Saved Template. Or you can insert that shortcode to Elementor Page too.

All done!


We hope you liked our article on How to Display Elementor Template Using a Shortcode. If you are interested, you can also check out our blog on how to save, import and export template in Elementor.

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