How to create a WordPress blog in 5 simple steps

Welcome guys, In this tutorial you will learn How to create a WordPress blog in 5 simple steps with our easy and quick tutorial.

Do you want to create a blog, and share your valuable thought all around the world? Do you have creative ideas, and you want to share them with people globally? If you want to share your travel and life journey, some health & diet tips, then it’s a good time you should start a blog. If you want to make money, then you should create a WordPress blog. You can create a handsome amount by creating your blog. For example, After creating the blog, you can approve it from google Adsense and earn good revenue from ads. Some people create blogs for passive income as well. The choice is yours.

We are here to help you to create a blog using WordPress in 5 simple steps. There are many platforms that offer you to create a blog but we suggest you use WordPress for your blogging. WordPress is a Content Management System, free to use. It’s very easy and convenient to use, you can customize your blog easily. WordPress also has an SEO feature, so you rank your blog. Additionally, you can optimize your site’s speed without more effort. So, If you want to create a WordPress blog in 5 simple steps, you are at the right place.

How to create a WordPress blog in 5 simple steps? We have divided our blog into the following steps.

  1.  Pick the Domain Name.
  2.  Select a Good Hosting.
  3. Install the WordPress.
  4. Select your desired Theme & Required Plugins.
  5. Add and Publish Your Blog.

So, let’s get started…

Step 1: Pick your Domain Name.

Domain Name is the address to your website like, where is the Domain Name and address of our website.
First of all, you have to choose the domain name according to your niche. You can use “Domain Name Checker” to pick the unique URL. For this purpose, there are different Domain name checkers available on google, you can check from there. It’s possible sometimes that your desired domain name is taken, so you have to change the domain name a little bit or choose from the suggested list if you like.

Step 2: Select your Hosting.

After choosing the Domain name, now it’s time to select Hosting. There are popular and powerful hostings available such as GoDaddy, Hostinger, Ionos, Name Cheap, Blue Host, and many more. We suggest checking these sites one by one and choosing the one that suites with your requirements. You can also check their plans and deals etc, so it will be easy for you to choose.

All the Hosting sites have payment methods like PayPal, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, etc.

Step 3: Install Your WordPress.

After choosing the domain name and hosting, you can either use an auto-installer to install WordPress easily and quickly or you can manually install WordPress from Cpanel or FTP.
Follow the basic steps below:

  1.  log in to your hosting account, and click on hosting.
  2. And choose your desired domain name and click on the “Manage” button.
  3. Now Instal WordPress using auto-installer and enter your details

After WordPress installation, click on the “Edit Website” button to access your WordPress Dashboard.

You have successfully installed WordPress on your domain.

If you want to install WordPress locally, then check out the article on How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC.

Step 4: Select your desired Theme & Required Plugins.

First of All, Login to WordPress Dashboard.

On WordPress Dashboard, Go to Apprearance>>Theme.
Choose your desired theme according to your niche.
And click on the “Install” button and then activate your desired theme.
Now, you have to install the required plugins related to your theme.

You can check our article on How to Install Astra theme on WordPress.

Step 5: Add and Publish your Blog.

Now the last step is to add and publish your blog.

On WordPress Dashboard, click on the All Posts tab.
And then click on Posts>>New Post.

A page will be displayed. You have to add the “Title” for the post.

Now add your content like post “Description” in the description field, you can add post category, featured image, short description, etc. You can add text, pictures, videos, files, etc.
You can set your blog as a draft, public and private, or set the password if you want to give access to your desired users, and then you will give that password to them and they will see the content after adding the password.
If you want to restrict your content then you can set the password for the blog.
After adding your content, you can see the blog by clicking on a preview button.
Now click on publish button.

And your blog is published now. You can add more blogs like this to your website. If you want to create a custom blog page according to your needs, then you can create it with any page builder you like. There are many page builders available for free to create the blog pages like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and many more.
You can also add SEO if you want to rank your article. You just have to simply install and activate an SEO plugin and then the SEO tab will automatically display on your blog post edit page. SEO will help you rank your article on google’s first page by adding focus key phrases, meta descriptions, and many more. It will check your post’s readability and SEO too and give you suggestions to improve your Search Engine Optimization.

We hope this tutorial will help you to create a WordPress blog in 5 simple steps, If you want to Add Ebook Downloads In WordPress, follow our easy-to-follow tutorial on How To Add Ebook Downloads In WordPress.

Still find any problem or issue to download the plugin, tell us in the comment section below or you can contact us, we will answer you ASAP.

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