How to Improve your Video Content Quality

Content quality is very important to make your place in the videography. In this blog, we are not just focusing on improving the content quality of the video and audio but we shall also guide about making your content best in terms of story telling etc so you can stand out. This guide provides 6 most important factors which really helps to make your content great. We shall go through these one by one. Each factor has its own importance so we can’t just focus on one and skip the others to get the best possible results. A disease could not be cured until it gets identified so you need to find out what are the things in which you are lacking the quality in your videos so you can improve in that specific area.

According to invideo‘s research, an average person spends 100 minutes a day on watching online videos. In the recent years, it has been observed that people are more interested in watching videos rather than reading written books or blogs. Keeping this wide interest of the videos in mind, it really important you provide the great video audio quality to make an impact.

So here are the 6 most important factors which really helps to enhance your video content quality:


Obviously, this is the most known problem which you need to fix but this is not a much bigger issue. This is a world of mobile phones and now almost every mobile phone has a reasonable camera. But if you really want to make a difference choose a camera which has good resolution of videos.

A tip: Some people have good camera on mobile phone but they don’t know about its settings to get best results. Open your camera app → Go to Setting → Choose FHD option instead of HD (if you have FHD). You can also explore other settings to increase the video pixels resolution.


2. Enhance Audio to improve Content Quality

Most of the people pay a lot of attention to the visual quality of the video but they don’t focus on AUDIO. However its equally important as the visuals are. Let say, you are making an information video, you have added great visual effects but the viewer can’t listen the valuable information for which he had opened the video. So its useless to just use good visuals, you need to improve the audio quality as well.

Here are the tips you can follow to make your voice great.

  1. Use a good microphone (if you are a beginner BOYA M1 is a great option to choose)
  2. Use a software to reduce noise (like Adobe Audition – its not just about removing the noise, it has multiple features to enhance the audio and apply different effects)
  3. Make your volume stable – your voice nodes should not be very low or up, it should have stable audio (you have these options in adobe audition). Making the volume stable does not mean you make everything stable and lose the originality of the voice for example when a person is yelling volume must go up which gives the natural feel.


3. Lighting Is Everything

Even if you have a normal camera, but a great lighting can easily fix the problem. The way you put the lighting on the objects and faces is the crucial part of enhancing the visuals of the video. Lighting is everything and it makes a video fully professional so place the lights effectively.

Here are some tips which you can follow (if you are making face cam videos like us – Techy Informatics):

  1. Don’t place the lights straight front to your face.
  2. Place the bright light 45 degrees front left or right.
  3. Place any RGB or a different coloured light on the other side of your body.
  4. Optional -You can also place a dim light behind you – make sure you blur it while editing the video.

In this way, one side of your face will give a bright look. Other side would be darker having a different colored effect coming from left back (or right back).


4. Good Background

It may not apply to the topic in which you create the videos however If you are making face cam videos like Techy Informatics you need to have a good background. If you can’t invest to make a beautify a background wall, you can use a simple green screen. You can easily remove that green screen using a software and place good background by downloading a good picture.

green screen edit

5. Editing is key to Content Quality

Good editing can easily fix all the mistakes you have done during the shoot of the video. There are multiple pro level software available on the internet which you can use to get the best results. However, if you are beginner and doing this stuff first time, I’ll recommend to use FILMORA WONDERSHARE to get best results. Many pro editors use Adobe Premiere Pro which is a very wide scaled software for video editing.


6. CONTENT ITSELF (The Most Important Factor)

The most important factor which makes you stand out is the content itself. You need to focus on that does your video is providing enough valued content to your visitors. You can simply answer this question by answering this question.
Do the viewers getting the thing for which they played the video?
For example, if you are making funny skits so do they are getting enough entertainment to enjoy? If you are making history videos so do they are getting valued information about the history. Please also let us know as well that are you getting valued tech information from our YouTube Channel and Website?

If you want to make your content interesting, here are some tips to follow. There are 3 rules to keep moving progressively in video making.

  1. Sustainability over Artistry
    Keep uploading the video without CRAZILY caring about the cinematic effects or complex edits. if you will think that you are not that much creative, what people would say about me after watching this – then you are not going to make it.
  2. Progress over Perfection
    Your content quality is not going to be perfect. People learn with time so you have to follow the same road. Keep uploading and make the progress slowly. Don’t be mad about perfection- its a time taking progress.
  3. Improve your story telling
    Watch the people which are working in same topic, and try to improve the way you make the story. Break the segments of the video and arrange it in a way which make it interesting.


We hope that you really enjoyed reading this blog and it was useful for you. Please share your kind thoughts or the topics you want to read in the future in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. Now enjoy the fast coding!

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