How to learn Web Development? Full Stack Development Roadmap

What is web development?

Web development is the process of developing a website to host on the internet. It could be a very simple static HTML website without any technical logic or a complete business website for a large organization. This is a very practical field where we have many job opportunities. Whether you are a student who wants to learn web development for doing a university project or an employee which wants to learn a new exciting skill, this blog is a great guide for you. We have covered each aspect of learning web development.

The first and most important thing to understand is that website has usually 3 layers.

  1. Frontend
  2. Backend
  3. Database

To be an expert web developer, I would suggest you, learn these technologies in the same order mentioned above. The frontend is the only compulsory part of any website. However, there could be some websites that don’t have a backend or database. A website with frontend-only would be referred as a static website as it does not include any dynamic functionality. If you are unable to understand these terms at this stage, don’t worry we are going to elaborate on these in a very detailed manner. So, Let’s get into these layers one by one.

1. Frontend

A frontend is a user-interface part where all common users interact with the website. Whatever components we see on a website are frontend elements like menus, text boxes, buttons, etc. If we take a real-world example, let’s think about a human. The physical appearance of a man could be referred as frontend like his skin color, height, nose, eyes, and all other parts of the body. In the programming world, HTML is the base of the frontend. To have a good knowledge of frontend, learn these technologies. You don’t need to be an expert in these technologies but you should have a basic knowledge of these code patterns. Definitely, you will expand your knowledge when you will have projects to do.

  1. HTML

HTML is a hypertext markup language that would not take more than a week to have a great understanding of it. There are multiple tutorials available on YouTube to learn this technology.

  1. CSS

CSS is a cascade stylesheet that is used to beautify the frontend developed using HTML. Without CSS, HTML would create very ugly elements which would not be enough interactive. For easy understanding, you can consider CSS as a camera filter or makeup for humans.

  1. JS

You don’t need to have expert-level knowledge of Javascript but you should know the basic way of executing javascript. This could be a bit tricky for you because it’s the only programming language with which you are interacting. HTML and CSS are the designing languages but JS is a programming language because it contains the complete power of decision making using if-else, loops, functions, etc.

These above-mentioned technologies would not take more than 20 days to have a good grip on them. After having tutorials, I would suggest you, do some projects using HTML, CSS, and JS.

The best projects which most beginners choose could be

  1. Portfolio development
  2. Media Agency Marketing Website with contact form
  3. Cloning the exact design of an existing website you like


Bootstrap is a CSS framework that is not necessary to learn at this stage, but if you will do that now – it would be a great plus point. It would make your life much easier while applying styles to your HTML tags. I would recommend you to go through its documentation which is a great source of learning. Here is the link You can have 2 more projects with the use of Bootstrap.


Now, you have completed the frontend part which is extremely important in the journey of web developers. Even if you don’t continue to learn backend and database, you can still earn a good amount by doing freelancing projects related to these technologies. Here is my profile doing front-end work at Fiverr.


2. Backend

This layer is the most time taking part of web development. Backend development allows us to add dynamic functionalities to our website. In the real-world example of a human being, the way the brain works could be called the backend of the human body. It could seem complex to you because this requires you to learn a programming language. There are multiple programming languages available in the world but I would recommend you to go with the latest ones so you can stay in the market for the longest time.

IT is a field of change, so you need to be updated with the upcoming skills in the market. People used PHP, C#, and many other languages for a long time but now they are losing popularity. It is true that still, these technologies have a great number of developers. Here is the list of the most liked programming languages of 2021, so you can make a good decision to choosing the best programming language to learn.


However, I would recommend you to learn the basics using C++ and then switch to your chosen programming language. NodeJS would be a great choice for the backend.


3. Database

Definitely, there should be a system to store the records or data of the website in any database. Here comes the third part of full-stack development – Databases. Let’s say, we are making a hospital management system, so this layer will save the records of patients, doctors, and all other staff in the database so we can use those records in our web project effectively. In our example of human, it could be the memory of humans which saves all the data of the world we see and interact with.

There are multiple database management systems available to use. You can choose the best database management system according to the backend technology you have chosen. For example,



NodeJS -> MongoDB


It’s not compulsory to use these DBMSs with the above-mentioned technologies but I have listed them because I think, it’s easier to configure them with each other. However, you can use whatever suits you best. Here is the list of DBMS.



After learning a backend programming language, it’s time to do some projects. Here are some projects you can make to have a good grip.

  1. Online Shopping Website with a payment method
  2. Hospital Management System with doctors’ booking
  3. Blogging websites like


Now you have done almost 85% of the work related to full-stack development. Now to be an expert-level developer you should learn these things as well.

  1. APIs
  2. GITs
  3. FRONT LIBRARIES (ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS)


  • Code by yourself
  • Skip which you are unable to solve
  • Practice Regularly


We hope that you really enjoyed reading this blog and it was useful for you. Please share your kind thoughts or the topics you want to read in the future in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. Now enjoy the fast coding!

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