How to Import and Export Templates in Elementor

In this tutorial, we’ll explain a step-by-step guide on How to Save, Import, and Export Templates in Elementor. When you create your WordPress Website, It’s necessary for you to save, import, and export templates according to your needs and requirements. Elementor not only gives you the flexibility of importing, and exporting templates but also gives you reusability so you can save the same template for your other  WordPress websites.

How to Import Elementor template:

There are two methods to import the Elementor template on your WordPress Website.

Method 1:

To import an elementor template, you have to first Login to your WordPress Dashboard and then click on Templates > Saved Templates.

At top of the page, select the option Import Templates, click on the Choose File option to upload json file or a .zip archive of Elementor templates and then click on Import Now button.

After you import the file, you can see it in your template list.

Method 2:

 You can import your file directly from your Elementor page where you are currently working.

Go to Elementor Library and click on Import template icon and then click on Select File button.

After you import file, you can see it in your template list.

Saving Page as a Template in Elementor:

First, open the page with Elementor Editor. Click on the up arrow icon in the bottom left of the page and select the Save as Template option.

After clicking the option, a new pop-up will appears, Write here a good name to your template, and save it.

Saving Section as a Templates

Elementor also provides you the facility of saving a section/part as templates and you can use that saved template anywhere on you Elementor Pages.

Step 1: For saving a section, Choose the section you wanna save and then right-click on the Edit Section.

Step 2: After clicking the section, A menu will appear with a few options, choose the Save as Template option. Give your template a good name and save it.

Inserting your Saved Templates

By using Elementor, you can insert a section as well as a complete Template. For both options, you have to follow the same steps.

Step 1: Click on the Folder icon in the Elementor widget area.

Step 2: After clicking on folder icon, you will see three tabs Block, Pages and My Template. Now select My Templates tab. Here you will see your previously saved templates. For inserting template click on the Insert button, that specific template will be added into your Elenentor page.

Note: You can Select different blocks and page which are already created from Elementor and you can choose from there according t0 your Business needs.

After clicking on the insert option, a message will appear on the screen, whether you want to Import Document Settings of the Template.

You can choose the option Yes or No.

How to Export Elementor Templates

You can export templates from the WordPress dashboard or from your Elementor page.

Step 1: Click on Templates>Saved Template. Choose the template you want to export and then simply click on the Export Template button.

You can also export a template from the Elementor library from a specific Elementor page. Open the Elementor library from the Elementor page and then click on the My template tab. Under My Templates click the 3-dots at the right and simply click on Export.

The file will be saved in JSON format.

We hope this article helped you How to Save, Import, and Export Templates in Elementor. You may also want to check out our guide on How to Display Elementor Template Using a Shortcode

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