How to Secure Your WhatsApp? 6 Things to Do

We all care about our privacy and the security of data. People are very concerned about the secrecy of the conversations they do with others. In this digital world, where we have multiple means to communicate with others (like Whatsapp), maybe we are also compromising on our privacy because our data is being stored on some third-party servers. If a person has the in-depth technical knowledge of playing with databases and coding and he wants to harm your data, it could be dangerous for your privacy. There are multiple hackers in this world which have done out-of-the-box things with others’ data. So, to minimize this threat to your WhatsApp chats and media, we are here with 6 things you should do to secure your WhatsApp:

  1. Enable Two-Step Verification
  2. Activate Finger Print Lock
  3. Use Disappearing Messages Setting
  4. Restrict WhatsApp not to show your downloaded media in the mobile gallery
  5. Disable text message previews in the notifications for WhatsApp
  6. Send media with the restriction of seeing only once

Here is the guide to applying all these 6 settings in your WhatsApp to secure it.


1- How to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp?

The first most important thing you need to do is to enable two-step verification to save yourself from unauthorized logins. To enable two-step verification,

  • Open WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in top right corner) > Settings > Accounts > Two-step verification.
  • Click Enable.
  • It will prompt you to add a 6 digit PIN which will be used to verify your identity occasionally. Put a PIN which you will have to remember for future use. After confirming the PIN by putting it again, you can also set an email for recovery purposes. This email will be used to change the PIN if you forget it later. You can also skip this step. Reconfirm the email and click SAVE.

whatsapp enable two step verification

Two-step verification is enabled now.



2- How to enable Fingerprint lock?

The first and the most important step you should take to secure your Whatsapp is to enable a thumb lock so only you can open the Whatsapp. After doing this no one else can get into your private chats and perform any activity.

To enable fingerprint lock,

  • Open WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in top right corner) > Settings > Accounts > Privacy
  • You will find the “Fingerprint lock” option at the bottom of this tab. Click on it.
  • Enable Unlock with fingerprint toggle. It will verify your finger immediately. Now it’s enabled.

However, you can also set the “Automatically lock” timer as well with the listed options of Immediately, After 1 minute, and After 30 minutes. So, it would lock the WhatsApp according to your selected timer choice.


3- Disappearing Chats after a specific time

In some situations, we want to stay focused on our ongoing chats and want to disappear the previous chat messages so no one else can see them later. So for that, we have to delete our chats manually. This feature could have multiple uses. You can use it for security concerns or there could be use cases like, you are using WhatsApp as a support service for a product. Whenever a customer asks a new query after some specific time, you want to see a clear new chat to stay focused on the existing problem. For that, you can use this “disappearing chat” feature to disappear old messages after the selected time duration. OR there could be any use case according to your requirements. You can set this feature for all the chats and for a specific chat as well.
To enable disappearing messages for all the chats:

  • Open WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in top right corner) > settings > Accounts > Privacy.
  • Click “disappearing messages“
  • Select duration from 24 hours, 7 days, 90 days OR you can select OFF to disable it.


To enable disappearing messages for specific chats:

Open that contact’s chat > click the kebab menu (3 dots in the top right corner) > View contact
you will see Disappearing messages below the Encryption option. Click on it and set the duration.

Furthermore, this setting will only be applied to the messages done after enabling this feature. It will not affect your previous chats.


4- How to Restrict WhatsApp not to show your downloaded media in the mobile’s gallery?

When we set our WhatsApp to automatically download the received media files, it downloads the videos and images and shows them in your gallery without informing you. In this situation, you may have received some private or personal videos, audios, or images that you don’t want to show to the people having access to your mobile’s media gallery. You can set this media visibility feature for a specific chat and for all chats as well.

To disable media visibility for all the chats,

  • Open WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in top right corner) > Settings > Chats.
  • You will see the “Media visibility” toggle button under the Chat setting heading. Disable it.
  • After disabling it, Mobile phone storage will not show the WhatsApp downloaded media in the media gallery.

To disable media visibility for a specific Chat,

  • Go to that chat > Click kebab menu on the top right > Click View Contact. If the phone number is not saved in your contact list, simply click on its phone number at the top.
  • On this contact’s profile page, you will see a “Media visibility” option. Click on it and set it to NO.

Now, this chat’s new downloaded media will not be displayed in the phone media gallery.

Note: This setting only applies to media downloaded after doing this setting. Previously downloaded media will still be visible in your phone gallery.


5- How to disable text message previews in the notifications for WhatsApp?

Let’s say you have given your mobile phone to your peers for any purpose, and you receive a very personal secret message like “ROJI KHUL GAI HAI”. It could be embarrassing.

So if you don’t want to show your private messages to anyone else and want to put one more layer to your data protection, enable this feature.

To disable message previews in notifications, you have to do 2 settings.


  1. Open WhatsApp > click the kebab menu (3 dots in top right corner) > Settings > Accounts > Two-step verification> DISABLE “show content in notifications”
  2. Go back to the Settings > Notifications > DISABLE “high priority notifications” for Messages and Groups.

That’s it.


6- How to send photos and videos with the restriction of seeing only once?

You can use this feature if you want to show your shared media files only one time to the recipients. After the receiver has seen the video or image and closed the window, it would automatically delete that media file.

To set a media to view once,

  • Go to chat of the recipient.
  • Attach a media file using a pin or camera icon.
  • You will see a rounded 1 icon on the right side of the “Add a caption” input box. Click that rounded 1. If you are using this feature the first time, it will show a popup explaining the feature. Click OK.
  • Otherwise, it will show a message “Photo set to view once”. Now you can send this media file with the restriction of viewable only 1 time.

whatsapp photo see to once


We hope you like our article on How to Secure your WhatsApp. Have a fun conversation with your mates while feeling secure in terms of data protection and privacy. We always try to write about something which is interesting for our techy people. I hope, you liked this blog.

If you have any questions or there is any other topic on which you want us to write, please put that in the comments. However, you can also read about HOW TO ENABLE DARK MODE IN WHATSAPP. Is it not interesting? Read about HOW TO UPLOAD EPUB FILE TO WORDPRESS.

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