How to Start Freelancing? Easy Guide for Beginners

What is freelancing?

Freelancing jobs means working independently for a company. In easier words, working for self but not for a company. Any services which are being sold online without having long-term contracts with buyers would be referred as “freelancing“. For example, website development, photoshop editing, UI/UX, etc.

The person who provides the freelancing services are called freelancers. Freelancers are not committed to an employer or company for the long term. They usually work only for projects or modules but they are not permanent employees of the hiring company.

Freelancers usually have two ways of assigning costs to work.

  1. On the basis of hours (for example, 6$/hour)
  2. fixed cost for the whole project/work

How To start it?

Here we have divided this guide into steps so the beginners can easily understand the flow. Follow these steps to start your career in the freelancing world without making any mistakes so you can save your time and never get disappointed.

1- Identify your Niche or Topic

It’s very necessary to find that, in which niche or topic you have the grip and you can provide the services comfortably. being a beginner, it’s a very confusing part that which services should I offer. Here are a few of the hot topics and services which are available on Fiverr.

  • Website Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing and SEO
  • Video Editing & Animations & many more

For more, go to Fiverr and on the top navigation bar, you will find plenty of categories. You can find your best fit.
If you don’t have any skills, write us for a guide to learn the skills which are still hot and very easy to learn for Fiverr or Upwork.

2- Explore your selected topic

When you are done with selecting your freelancing topic. The next step is to explore the topic which you have selected. Normally you may have selected a broad field, it’s time to split it up into different services which you can offer online.

Let’s learn it with an example, let say you have selected Website Development. So there are multiple subfields of this topic. Like Frontend, backend, Single page sites, eCommerce sites, etc. Write down all of those shortlisted services on paper or notepad. Now it’s time to show these services on the freelancing platform and enable the world to get benefit from your talent.

3- Make your profile and Gigs

It’s very easy to create a profile on Simply signup, in the similar way you do it on any other website. Being a basic seller, you are allowed to create 7 gigs maximum. We would recommend you to create all 7 gigs at the start. Soon, you will find your best suiting service. Then, you can keep or inactive the unnecessary gigs.
If you want to get a guide to creating a gig, please contact us. We would love to share our experience with you.

4- Send Buyer Requests

Usually, beginners think that as soon as they create their profile, they will start receiving messages from the buyers but it’s a very rare case. At the start, you will have to go to the Buyer Request tab on Fiverr. In this tab, different clients request different kinds of services. You can scroll and look which you can do. If there are any tasks you feel that you can do that. Bid for those projects by writing a good proposal.
Writing a good proposal for a buyer request is very necessary because you have to compete with others to win the project, so write it wisely or contact us for further assistance.

5- Final Step

When you get the first order, put in your efforts and deliver quality content to the buyers to make them return. Stay motivated, Never get disappointed. If you face any issues, we are here to help you out. Contact Us now.

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