Top 10 Reasons to Move to Flutter

Are you looking for planning to launch a mobile app but still in difficulty with which cross-platform framework you should choose in 2021? Flutter can make it handier for startups to launch with feature-rich mobile applications. In this article, You will learn the top 10 reasons to move to flutter.

Our development team has worked with Flutter from the very beginning. When it was only a beta version and with such simple bugs, But hats off to Flutter’s development team and support for fixing them very much quickly.

We have something to share with you guys So Let’s talk about 10 reasons to move to flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) by google, A mobile application development framework of the programming language – Dart. Flutter is compatible with application development not only for Android and IOS but also for  Linux, Mac, Windows, and  Google Fuchsia.

Here is Flutter’s history

Launched in 2017 by Google, Flutter made a great impression on the world of software development Applications. So, The first version of Flutter called as codename “Sky” and ran on the Android OS. Even though it is one of the youngest great frameworks, Definitely Flutter features have something to show you.

Why is Flutter so popular? 

Many developers went crazy when they hear about Flutterby Google with a lot of new features.

Well, It totally makes sense, because flutter is so easy to use and yet it has so much to offer and is rich in the latest features.

Let’s discuss what makes Flutter app development better than other frameworks.

#1: Easy to learn

The ease of learning Flutter comes from simple-to-follow documentation and various free resources for learning, including articles, videos, etc that come from the original team of flutter developers, who keep them up-to-date by using their best practices.

The team of Flutter developers has done everything in their power to make Flutter as easy to learn as possible for the developer. For example, if an error were to occur during an operation, the error message would be very informative and it would give you an idea of what happened and how to fix that error or issue. Even Java and .Net developers can easily learn flutter cause the Dart language is very similar to Java and C #.

# 2: One code base for multiple Operating systems

One of the reasons why Flutter is considered a stunning and outstanding solution for mobile app development is that it does not require you to create two separate applications for IOS and Android. That is the beauty of cross-platform app development, which allows you to build only one codebase to run your app on different operating systems.

Instead, developers have to write a single code base to build cross-platform applications that closely perform like a Native app in terms of features and functionality. With Flutter, you do not have to worry about making sure to insert the identical changes into two codebases separately for two platforms. You just only need to maintain one codebase and then the changes will be applied and visible on both platforms and OS!

#3: Reusable widgets

Flutter makes it possible for developers to reuse widgets which are Flutter’s visual components that are very easy to reuse. You can use the same widget in different parts of the project and program or you can also transfer it from one project to another according to your needs and requirements. Also, there are a number of already pre-written widgets that can be encapsulated into your flutter project and you can easy to reuse them.

#4: No need for third-party integrations

Flutter comes with UI rendering components, a lot of libraries, device API access, navigation, and testing which eliminates the need to use third-party integrations for your project.

#5: Flutter is an Open Souce

Flutter is an open-source Programming language. No matter how complex your project is, developers can easily turn your app idea into a perfect solution into a beautiful material design, including rich motion APIs, Cupertino widgets, smooth natural scrolling behavior, and much more. As it is open-source, therefore, developers can explore numerous design options while developing your app with Flutter App development.

#6: Fast and easy MVP development

Flutter comes with fast and easy MVP development. The speedy and fast-tracked of development makes it an ideal candidate for the development of MVPs and prototypes for getting stunning feedback from your targeted audience.

#7: Numerous plug-ins Easy To Avail

Flutter also has numerous plugins to work with the native features of the mobile. The good part is that the main plugins are developed by the Google team, so all the main plugins are supported and updated along with the main framework and developers have a wide choice of plugins that make the whole app development process more easy, comfortable, and flawless.

#8: Testing made easy with flutter

Flutter gives you a big set of features to test apps at the unit, widget, and integration level. Which made testing easier as you do not have to test on two versions of the flutter application. That is it will take less time.

Moreover, it has a great widget testing feature, where you can easily create widget tests to analyze the project UI. And you can run them at the speed of unit tests and many more.

#9: Flutter Fast hot reload

While using other platforms, it would be difficult to reload the project after making some changes in the code. And that sometimes feels very annoying and you are waiting so long to see the changes you have made? Well, flutter will not make you any wait to see your project and changes.

With Dart’s Just-in-Time compilation, Flutter upgrades the development work process by permitting a hot reload capability. And to update that UI during development without requiring an entirely new build for your flutter project. Isn’t it so interesting and cool?

#10: Used by big companies 

You must have heard of Alibaba, Google Ads, AppTree, and Tencent, Well their mobile apps are built with flutter

It may sound quite astonishing this youngest framework is used by such big companies. But It’s really no wonder since Google stands behind flutter’s creation. Some of the leading enterprises have chosen Flutter to make beautiful apps.


The value of Flutter is beyond doubt. It is especially appreciated by startuppers whose goal is to save time, money and get the most incredible and stunning product. There is, of course, Flutter can do it all for them…

Moreover, developers LOVE this framework due to the features that it has to offer:

  • Rapid hot reload
  • One codebase for ISO and Android
  • Easy to learn
  • Provide Good documentation
  • having a Separate rendering engine
  • and many more

We hope this article helped you Top 10 reasons to move to flutter. You may also want to check out our guide on How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

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