What you need to know before starting on Fiverr

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When you are new on Fiverr, there are a lot of things going in your head and you are probably confused about where to start and what to do next. You might be a starting Fiverr for part-time or full time and does not know anything related to Fiverr, So we are here to help you with some tips, in other words, some rules, but do not worry at all. It’s simple and you will learn fast by following our step-by-step blog.

I am sharing my experience working with Fiverr, In 2018, I started working on Fiverr and have now done 200+ jobs at Fiverr, I was a student when joined Fiverr. At first, I started selling my services part-time. Now I am a level two seller on fiverr.com. I would love to help you out with my own experience working on Fiverr.

Below is my earnings on fiverr.com…

So let’s get started!

Follow our step by step guide below:

  • Set your profile
  • Setting up your Fiverr Gig
  • Add gig video
  • Use SEO to rank your gig
  • Promote your gig
  • Buyer Request
  • Maintain your gig
  • Install the Fiverr App
  • Seller levels
  • Be consistent

1. Set your profile

The very first step is to set up your Fiverr profile.
You have to create your account on Fiverr.
Step 1) Create Account:
There are two options on Fiverr, whether you want to sell or buy? If you want to offer a service then choose “Become a Seller” from the Fiverr home page, otherwise choose buyer if you want to buy any service from sellers.
1) Choose “Become a Seller
2) Enter your details like email, password name, etc, You can also use Gmail, Facebook accounts to create your account.
3) After creating an account, you have to activate your account.
4) you can add your profile photo if you want. It should be professional.
Note: Choose your User Name wisely because it won’t change after your activation.

Step 2) Add Description:
1) On the description tab, you will have to write about yourself and what services you will offer.
You can add your skills, hobbies, etc but concise and to the point.
2) You can add your skills on Fiverr.

2. Setting up your Fiverr Gig

The Gig is like a service you will offer on Fiverr. There are a lot of services on Fiverr and you can choose like website designing, Content writing, Video Editing, Blogging, etc. You can pick according to your niche and skill set.
Click on create a new Gig.
Gig Title:
Gig title is the first step, you have to add a title that best suits your service.
It should be short, focused, and appealing.

Gig Description:
The gig description should be relevant to your services, very concise, attractive to clients, clear and simple.
Tips: Do research on Fiverr and check the gig of sellers with the same category as you offer which are on Fiverr’s first page, Level One and Level Two sellers, It will give you some ideas, but don’t copy-paste other’s gig descriptions, It won’t help you grow.

Gig Image:
The gig Image should have the title and will look professional and attractive to clients.

At first, try to set your price low.

3. Add gig video

You should add a gig video to gather more clients. It’s Fiverr recommendation also to add gig video if you can.

So it will be a plus point if you will add it.

4. Use SEO to rank your gig

In order to grab more attention of a buyer, you have to do SEO on your title and description to rank your gig on Fiverr.
This small step will lead you to more sales, orders, and reviews.

5. Promote your gig

After creating your gig, It’s time to promote your gig and collect more impressions and clicks.
It will help your gig to display on the first page on Fiverr.
You can promote your gig on social media platforms.
Fiverr will offer you a Gig promotion when you will complete your first 50 orders with the specific Gig.

if you want to know Gig Ideas That Don’t Require Any Skills, visit our blog on 10 Freelancing Gig Ideas That Don’t Require Any Skills

6. Buyer Request

When you are new have no experience on Fiverr then it’s a best practice that you can send buyer requests to the buyers.
It’s very simple. Your chances of getting orders will depending on your offer which you will send to buyers.
Note: Create some text as a template to send the buyer which includes your work experience portfolio etc.

7. Maintain your gig

Stay updated and offer gig extras. Keep updating your description, tags, and pricing.

8. Install the Fiverr App

You should install Fiverr App so you can reply instantly to buyers, It will help you maintain your response rate and of course high chances to get orders.

9. Seller levels

There are 3 levels on Fiverr, to reach level 1, you must be an active seller, complete 10 orders, earn over $400, and 4.7 rating overall.
To reach level 2, complete 50 orders all time, complete 180 days as a seller, Earn at least $2,000 and 4.7 overall rating.
To reach the top rated level, you have to complete 100 orders all time, earn $20,000 at least, a 4.7 rating overall.

You can read more from the Fiverr guide.

10. Be consistent

We will advise you to be consistent, be patient, and don’t lose hope.
At first, maybe you don’t get orders but the passage of time, hard work, and consistency will lead to achieving your goal.


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